Dog Boarding - Lichfield

My boarding licence was issued in January 2012.  I board dogs from one home only and your pet will be very well looked after whilst they spend their holiday with us.  With the help of my Boxer girl Annabelle your dogs needs will be fully met with plenty of exercise, doggy discipline, love and affection for however long they are staying with us.
Phoenix in my back garden following a jolly good hose down after being in a massive muddy puddle!  Funny, he likes dirty smelly water but not showers and hoses!


"Mornin' Hugo"
Bonnie and Marley make themselves at home in Annabelle's bed.

 Annabelle and Evie with a chew each before their afternoon nap.


Guests join in whatever we happen to be doing! 

 Ruby and Annabelle drying off in the sun